KPCT Acrylic Stand (Evan_Motorcycle)


a limited sale of 100 units
Limit 1 purchase per order
Body: Transparent Acrylic 3T (3 mm), Approx 89×58 mm
Bottom: Transparent Acrylic 5T (5 mm), approx 44×44 mm
Printing Method: Back Printing

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Material Information
  • Body: Transparent Acrylic 3T (3 mm), Approx 89×58 mm
  • Bottom: Transparent Acrylic 5T (5 mm), approx 44×44 mm
  • Printing Method: Back Printing
  • Limit 1 purchase per order
  • a limited sale of 100 units
Product Precautions
  • Actual color may differ depending on the environment.
  • In case of contamination, wet a towel with lukewarm water and wipe the contaminated part.
  • Do not apply excessive force when engaging the main Body with the Bottom.
  • Be careful when using ethanol, acetone, and hand sanitizer as they may smudge or peel off the printing area if they come into direct contact with the printing surface or apply excessive pressure with a wet tissue.
  • Although it has excellent durability, deformation may occur when exposed to high heat for a long time.
Product payment information
  • In the case of large payments, the card company may call to confirm for safety. During the verification process, if it is determined that the order is not normal, such as the use of a stolen card or an order in the name of another person, the order may be suspended or canceled at will.
  • In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc., when a minor purchases an item, the minor or legal representative may cancel the purchase if the legal representative does not agree.
Shipping Information
  • Delivery Method: Courier
  • Delivery area: Korea
  • Shipping cost: 3,000 won
  • Production and delivery period: about 2 weeks
    Week 1 Mon-Sun: Order received
    Week 2 Mon-Wed: Product creation
    Week 2 Thu-Fri: Product delivery
[Shipping Information]
  1. The shipping fee for South Korea is 3,000 won.
    (However, shipping costs may be added for delivery to islands/mountainous/remote areas.)
  2. Overseas shipping (EMS) is currently not supported.
  3. This product is made to order every week.
  4. Orders received Monday through Sunday will be shipped on Thursday through Friday.
  5. Average delivery date is within 2-3 business days after production completion.
  6. Delivery may be slightly delayed depending on the circumstances of the courier.
  7. Delivery time may vary depending on the delivery area.
  8. Combined shipping may not be possible depending on the ordered products.
Exchange and return information
[exchange refund]
  1. Since the package box is used to protect the product within the package, damage (dents, tears, scratches, marks, dents, etc.) and contamination may occur during the packaging and delivery process, and this does not qualify as a reason for exchange/return.
  2. Loss or omission due to incorrect shipping information is entirely the buyer’s responsibility.
    – You are responsible for returns and non-receipt due to contact change, absence and address not corrected.
  3. For accurate confirmation of defects and omissions, please shoot an unboxing video as a must.
    – The seller may request an unboxing video to confirm defects and omissions.
  4. In case of product defects such as shipping errors, damage, or defects, please contact us at support@rowoonlabs.io . In case of out of stock, it is difficult to resend.
[Exchange and return information]

Please be sure to contact us at support@rowoonlabs.io before proceeding with exchange or return.
If there is a problem with the product you received, please contact us within 7 days.

  1. Product defects such as delivery errors, damage, and defects: Exchanges and returns are possible within 90 days from the date of receipt in the case of product defects or misdelivery, and within 30 days from the date the fact was known, and leave a picture (video) so that it can be read. you have to give
  2. For returns due to simple change of heart, the delivery box must be unopened, and only the amount excluding the round-trip delivery fee will be refunded. (For phone cases and acrylic products, products are individually manufactured according to the order and cannot be returned due to simple change of mind.)
  3. In the following cases, returns and exchanges are not possible.
    – Simple change of mind for phone cases and acrylic products
    – In case the packaging is opened or the value of goods, etc. is significantly reduced due to packaging damage
    – Product damage or damage due to customer’s negligence
    – Minor scratches, discoloration and wrinkles on the outer packaging : The outer packaging is a protective agent to protect the product.
    – Differences in design draft color : Color may differ from your monitor after printing.
    – Differences in printing location and size : Errors may occur due to the difference in characteristics depending on the product material and most of the printing is done manually.
    – Differences in color from existing product colors when additional orders are made : Product color and size may differ depending on the production period and production season.
  4. If delivery is made without a prior exchange request, it may not be exchanged/returned.
  5. In the case of out-of-stock items, a refund may be issued instead of an exchange.
  6. After return consultation[CJ대한통운] Please send to
[Exchange/Return Procedure]

Attach your name, contact information, order/invoice number, and photo (video) along with the reason for the exchange.
If you send it to support@rowoonlabs.io , we will help you with the exchange after checking.

  • Exchange and return inquiries: support@rowoonlabs.io
  • Sending address: ROWOON COMPANY C&C, Mail Center, B1F, YTN New Square, 76, Sangamsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

After checking the inquiry, collect the product ▶ Retrieve the product from the customer ▶ Arrive at the logistics branch ▶ After checking the product, resend the product (or return)
(In case of simple change of mind, shipping charges may apply.)

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KPCT Acrylic Stand (Evan_Motorcycle)

Availability: 99 in stock

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